What Mitchell Trubisky is doing to win the Chicago Bears’ starting job

Chicago Bears (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

All signs point to Nick Foles as the front runner for the Chicago Bears quarterback position. However, Mitchell Trubisky has done everything this offseason to make this competition closer than a lot of analysts and fans think it will be.

NFL analysts and even fans alike feel that the Mitchell Trubisky era is over in Chicago. When the quarterback competition officially begins at training camp, rumors are that Trubisky will be the odd man out against Nick Foles.

You can’t blame anyone for having this perspective because for the last few seasons he has shown minimal signs of success with high margins of error. However, it’s beginning to feel like Trubisky is trending in the right direction and will surprise a lot of folks when training camp begins.

Trubisky and Allen Robinson have been practicing together. They both get out on the field at least four times a week. He has also been working out with other receivers as well. This is all signs pointing that he is not just sitting around this offseason. He is getting the work in with his receivers before the competition begins.

It’s great to see that Trubisky is doing everything in his power to actually compete against Foles for the starting role. If anything, he and the receivers are building synergy and building on previous years. It shows that he has not thrown in the towel and is going to do everything to battle. It shows he is a fierce competitor who is not here to give up everything he has worked for.

Mitchell Trubisky lost his leadership and confidence traits last season

Trubisky is regaining his leadership role and starting to gain his confidence back. He was calm, collected, and was very positive that his shoulder is 100% healed up when speaking with his former teammate Chase Daniels on his webcast. He also showed true leadership when he posted this week on the Black Lives Matter movement and the need to take action. Throughout this all he doesn’t seem fazed by the trade but more motivated then he has ever been.

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When the dust settles at Halas Hall, Foles still might emerge as the Bears starter. The only chance of Trubisky winning the battle was improving his game and building back his confidence and leadership traits. So far he has taken the right steps in upgrading his game and finding his true self. While the cards may be stacked against him, I wouldn’t put all my chips in on Foles just yet.