Chicago Bears: Players finding ways to train together despite COVID-19

The Covid-19 situation isn’t stopping these Chicago Bears from training.

The Chicago Bears offseason has been a crazy one along with the rest of the NFL. With the Covid-19 pandemic, players have not been able to have a true rookie minicamp nor a voluntary training camp before the team’s mandatory training camp before the preseason.

That has not stopped some of the Chicago Bears’ key players from getting together, finding ways to stay in touch and get at it. Mitchell Trubisky and Allen Robinson were caught early this spring in numerous training facilities working together to get better. Trubisky spent most of his time last offseason working with Jared Goff.

That did not pay off as Jared Goff is becoming one of the mere mediocre quarterbacks of the league. If Trubisky wants to do better, he needed to find a better way to spend his training time in the offseason. He found that by spending a lot of his time with Robinson, Cohen, and Miller. Hopefully, it pays off for him as he has a tough competition brewing with Nick Foles.

The small offensive group has used online learning from team meetings to work on plays and try and find how those plays could work in limited realtime motion.  Not only has the offense been getting together to work on stuff, but the special team’s units have also been doing the same.

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Eddie Pinero and Patrick O’Donnell live next to each other in Flordia and have been communicating to one of the windest parks they can find to practice field goal situations. It has not just been kicking field goals until they are tired, rather a lot of situational kicking and real-life scenarios. The Chicago Bears players are finding ways to keep the training going even at times that have been as inconvenient as now.

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