Chicago Bears: 3 Thoughts on the Mitchell Trubisky press conference

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One comment in particular by Mitchell Trubisky is being overblown

Let me start off by saying this important fact. Fans and analysts tend to overanalyze things that are said in press conferences during an offseason. This is why the term “coach speak” was invented. Now, add in the fact that we have basically no sports playing right now and you can expect the overanalyzing to be at an even higher level.

During the press conference on Friday, Mitchell Trubisky was asked about a comment Matt Nagy made at the end of the 2019 season. A comment that has stuck with literally everyone who follows the NFL. Nagy told reporters that he wants Trubisky to become a master at reading defenses. We would be amiss to not include the fact that Nagy said Trubisky is very close, but again, this is likely coach speak.

More specifically, the reporter asked, “Coach Nagy said at the end of last season that he wants you to become a master of coverages. With an offseason that has not allowed you to get live snaps against a defense, how have you been going able to work on mastering this skill?”

Mitchell Trubisky answered him by telling him how he has gone back and watched every snap from 2018 and 2019. He went on to talk about how he focused on his mistakes.

"“Seeing the mistakes, what coverage it actually was versus what I was seeing on the field, and where Coach Nagy thought the ball should’ve went and where it actually went. Just fixing my mistakes in the film study and and doing different visualization and communication things with coach to get us on the same page … He challenged me and I fully accepted it as well as knowing the offense really, really well. I’m just watching a lot of film and studying it like the back of my hand. I’m excited to be a lot better in that area this year.”"

Many fans and analysts are reading a little too much into this quote in my opinion. Specifically the part about what coverage it actually was versus what I was seeing on the field. Here’s the thing, did Mitchell Trubisky make the wrong reads at times last year? Yes. Did every other quarterback in the NFL? The answer is again yes.

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Did Mitchell Trubisky make the right reads, but miss his target at times? Yes again, but all quarterbacks have this issue. The difference between the greats and the not greats is consistency. Even as a Trubisky supporter, I fully admit that Trubisky is inconsistent. He needs to be better and do better and his time here in Chicago might be over before he has another chance.

I have seen people bring up a press conference after a game where Deshaun Watson fully explained what the Carolina Panthers were doing in coverage. He fully understood the coverage and what had to be done. He was specifically referring to three plays that took place in a game. We have heard Trubisky make the same type of comments. Not to mention, Watson missed his target on all three of those throws.

I could probably go on and on about this overblown concern from Trubisky’s quote, but I have two more thoughts to discuss. I will leave it with this. Stop acting like Trubisky was referring to the fact that he misread EVERY snap from 2018 and 2019. You are not understanding what he was saying if this is what you think. Instead, he was giving a shortened response to a question that could have had a 20-minute answer in itself as to what he is doing to break down film in a strange offseason.