Chicago Bears: An open letter to coach Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

My open letter to the Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy.

The Chicago Bears have been my favorite NFL football team since the day I was born and will be until I am long gone. As one of the founding football teams, this team should be one of the better teams in the entire NFL. I know you can’t control what has happened in the past. You can, however, create a bright future.

I know that is your ultimate goal too. The “be you” mantra is helpful, but sometimes you need to just “be good.” Us fans know you did not come here to run the ball. We understand that you love trick plays and want to bring excitement to the Chicago Bears. In the end, we fans just want you to win. We don’t care how you win, just win.

If you have to run the ball 40 times a game to do it, so be it. If you have to pass the ball 60 times a game, then so be it. You wanted David Montgomery to be a Chicago Bear. Use him at your best availability.

There were times when I would watch Thomas Jones hit the hole and gain nothing over and over again. Eventually, he would break free. Do what you must to get the job done. We fans won’t care. If you have to get a little bit closer to kick the field goal to win the game, do it. If you lose because you tried, most of us won’t be upset. You need to risk it to get the biscuit. If Mitch Trubisky becomes your guy, then let him be him. Use him the way he should be used.

It might not look pretty, and it might not be exciting, but if it wins games, we fans are all about it. Bring back the pretty boy assassin. If a rookie looks to be better than a veteran player, then play that rookie. He might make some mistakes, and that’s ok. Whatever gets the job done.

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Be different, be predictable if you have to. You don’t always have to outsmart a defense. You should be able to tell them we are calling this pass or run, and you’re not going to stop it because the talent is just too good. Be you coach Nagy, and win games… Win games for the next 10 or more years. Good luck, coach.