Chicago Bears: 5 Players who will suffer most from a shortened preseason

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Mitch Trubisky, QB – Fighting to maintain the Chicago Bears quarterback spot

We already mentioned Nick Foles needing an offseason to find timing with his new players, but Mitch Trubisky needs an offseason too. He thinks he has an early advantage and although I do agree with him, that advantage is somewhat slim. The Chicago Bears coaches have seen two years of Trubisky and they clearly did not trust him enough to not bring in competition.

Trubisky needs camp and the preseason to prove to Matt Nagy that he has progressed and not maintained his same deficiencies in reading defenses that Nagy pointed out at the end of the year. With an improvement, Nagy could start leaning back towards trusting Trubisky again.

I have always been on the side of Nagy holding Trubisky back in certain ways. I think he is also a reason for Trubisky’s mental mistakes. Too often it seems that Trubisky gets inside his own head and honestly I think the voice he hears constantly is not his own. Instead, I think it is Nagy’s voice he hears. This is a Trubisky problem though and he needs to get over it all and just play ball. That is when we see Trubisky at his best. He extends plays and keeps his eyes downfield.

Last year the team did not play the starters much in the preseason and honestly, it showed. A quarterback going into the second year of a system and who showed inconsistent play in 2018 despite a Pro Bowl appearance needs reps. Trubisky said he needed reps over and over early in the offseason and through the preseason as well. We need not remember he was only a one-year starter in college.

I still have Trubisky slotted to start Week One, but he too will suffer from a shortened camp and fewer preseason games.