Chicago Bears Rumors: Ted Ginn predicts who will start at quarterback

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

Ted Ginn was on Good Morning Football and predicted who he believes will be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

When you play with someone who is a proven leader, it is easy to stand behind him. This seems to be the case with Mitchell Trubisky. Constantly we hear Chicago Bears players standing up for their quarterback. Tarik Cohen is one of his biggest supporters it seems. Kyle Long and Eddie Jackson are others.

When you hear about the things that Trubisky is doing off the field and even setting up personal workouts with teammates, you should get excited. The problem is, this has not translated enough on the field.

To believe that Trubisky is not talented is an awful take in my opinion. The kid has talent. He deserves to be in the NFL and has proven to be a strong leader and motivator. The thing is, does he deserve to be a starter in the NFL? Many would argue that the answer is no. Although I am a strong supporter of Trubisky, I would have a hard time proving them wrong. His inconsistent play has really brought his production down.

When your starting quarterback has a hard time deciphering defensive coverages, how can you trust him to continue to lead the offense? This is a Matt Nagy dilemma and the reason why Nick Foles was brought in to either push or replace Trubisky.

Many have also spoke highly of Nick Foles, but with limited access to Foles the feeling is likely not the same. Some people can talk a good game, but until they get a better sense of who he is, it might be more difficult to stick their necks out for him. They have seen the tape and know he is a Super Bowl MVP, but sometimes that is not enough. Is it enough for Ted Ginn?

Again, hearing a teammate have your back is very common in the NFL — even if not always deserved. The way Trubisky leads the team is a good reason why his teammates (and some coaches) constantly stand up for him. The thing is, what about newcomers? The Chicago Bears added players like Jimmy Graham, Cole Kmet, and Ted Ginn to its offensive arsenal. None of them have a prior relationship with Trubisky, yet one of them has already declared Trubisky his starter.

Ted Ginn tells Good Morning Football that he believes Trubisky will be the starter

Good Morning Football on the NFL Network had Ted Ginn on as a guest this morning. During his guest appearance, Ginn was asked about the quarterback situation. He responded that he believes Trubisky is going to be the Chicago Bears’ starter. He then backpedaled a little by stating he would play for and fight for whoever the starter is. Clearly Trubisky has already made an impact on Ginn or coaches has leaned towards Trubisky in talks involving the wide receiver.

Honestly, I have been saying this from the beginning. Everyone wants to point to the fact that the Bears made a trade for Foles and owe him $21 million dollars. This alone is why Foles should start. Well, that is not enough of a reason. Others say it is because Matt Nagy trusts Foles and does not trust Trubisky. We should be careful on this one. He has only played with Nagy and was the backup for one season in Kansas City.

The main reason that I believe Trubisky starts the season is because it makes the most logical sense. You give the second overall pick a chance on a short leash and then pull him if necessary. Foles has a history as a backup and can come in and play under those circumstances quite easily.

Not to mention, the team needs to see if Trubisky has turned a corner or not. If he did and he does not play and goes elsewhere to succeed, Pace and Nagy will look like even bigger fools. If he comes in, looks the same or worse, then it is clear that Pace missed on him completely and Foles should get the nod. Doing things the opposite way just seems completely backwards.