Chicago Bears: 5 Best decisions of the 2020 offseason

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The Chicago Bears declining of Mitchell Trubisky’s fifth-year option

The Chicago Bears would be in seventh heaven if the decision to pick up Trubisky’s option was an easy decision to make. The team would have loved to be in the same position as the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans this year. Instead, Ryan Pace made the (right) choice to decline Trubisky’s option.

Although the fifth-year option would have only been guaranteed should Trubisky sustain a major injury. The risk is too great considering if Trubisky wins the starting job and balls out this year, the Bears could just franchise tag him for not much more than the guaranteed option. We all wish he was worth the fifth-year option, but Pace not doubling down on him for the sake of trying to prove he is right was the smart move — even if he still believes (and so do I) that Trubisky could be good.

When you run an organization, you have to check your emotions. I feel like Pace did that here by making the smart move. Trubisky needs to go out and earn that contract or he is looking at a career similar to Chase Daniel. The thing is, that is not a bad career to have considering he has made over $34 million being a backup with the potential of $47 million with his current contract with the Detroit Lions.

I will still hold out hope that he finds his way, earns the starting job and follows in the career shadows of a guy like Drew Brees. Only, in this case, he stays with his original team.