Ranking Chicago Bears 2020 roster: 90-86

If you were to rank the Chicago Bears roster, where would each player rank?

As we get into the slow portion of the offseason it is officially time to countdown to football with our ranking series. Over the past two seasons, we have ranked the Chicago Bears roster from 90-1. There is not a specific set of criteria, but the idea comes down to their importance to the success of the 2020 Bears. Who are the players the team cannot make it without?

We kick this year ranking off with some of the bottom-of-the-roster players.

90. Ramiz Ahmed, K

You never want to find the player to kick this list off, but we have to start somewhere. Ahmed is the backup kicker. There is a small chance that he is just so good that they cannot let him go. However, in most scenarios, the only reason Ramiz Ahmed would make the roster would be if something bad happened involving Pineiro. Considering that would not be a good look for Chicago, the Bears likely hope Ahmed serves his purpose by pushing Pineiro for a few weeks. This lack of commitment has him kicking off our list.

89. Trevon McSwain, DL

Trevon McSwain is a UDFA rookie from Duke. Needless to say, he is going to have a hard time making the roster. He gets pushed down this list because the defensive line has more depth than any position. Beyond that, he was fighting for rotational snaps at Duke. At this moment, a practice squad spot would be a win.

88. Lee Autry, DL

Lee Autry is in a similar position to McSwain. The reality is that the Bears defensive line is deep, and they added to it this offseason. It would be an upset if either of these two made the roster. Considering the depth, and the fact that a DL such as Abdullah Anderson may be fighting for a PS job in year three, Autry and McSwain will have their work cut out for them to him out on the depth chart.

87. Ahmad Wagner, WR

Standing at 6’7″, 236 pounds, you could almost argue that Ahmad Wagner was signed to develop into a tight end. Still, develop is the keyword there. Wagner recorded 15 receptions at Kentucky last season. Because he is such a unique body type, he has a chance to hang around, but he is at least a year on the practice squad away.

86. Badara Traore, T

Badara Traore is another player who is on the developmental path. Traore transferred from JuCo and spent two years at LSU, but started just five games in his career. A backup right tackle at LSU, it is clear that he has a bit of a way to go until he is on an NFL. Still, LSU did have a lot of talent, and maybe there is something here. It will be a while until we find out, though.