Chicago Bears: 3 Statistics that must improve to make playoffs in 2020

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Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears have a ton of areas to improve upon in 2020. Here are three stats that must improve if they hope to return to the Playoffs.

For a team that came just a few breaks away from producing a winning record and meaningful football deep into December, the Chicago Bears had an alarming amount of tangible weaknesses.

The offense rivaled that of Pop Warner, and those struggles permeated over into other phases, turning a one-of-a-kind defense in 2018 into a merely good one.

This time of year, finding optimism isn’t difficult; the week-to-week pressure isn’t on, and articles about how motivated Player A and Player B are give way to intrigue. But here’s the reality: despite the potential, the Bears are still an 8-8 team that had a decent, but not groundbreaking offseason.

Bias aside, the Bears still feel difficult to conjure a definitive opinion, too. You see it in experts’ takes, where the Bears range anywhere from the No. 15 team in the NFL to No. 32.

And, for that reason, you’d have your pick of the litter in finding statistics that absolutely must improve if Chicago is going to return to the Playoffs for the second time in three years. But today, we’ll consider three that feel like the most important, considering both the current Bears and what it means for the future.

With that in mind, here are a few subjective ones worth considering.

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