Chicago Bears 2020 Roster Ranking: 70-66

Chicago Bears (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /

Who are the top 70 players on the Chicago Bears 2020 roster?

We have been going through the Chicago Bears roster and ranking the top players based on value. The list is looking solely into their 2020 impact. There is no set method, but the idea is that without this player, how much would it affect the outcome of the Bears season?

Going from 90-71, we have looked at the 20 players least likely to make the roster. From 70-54, we are seeing potential players who could make the roster. Who are players from 70-66?

70. Xavier Crawford, CB

The Houston Texans drafted Xavier Crawford, but he found his way to the Chicago Bears practice squad before the end of his rookie season. Crawford is a slot cornerback who does have upside but has a bit of climbing to make his way onto the roster.

Kindle Vildor, Duke Shelley, and Buster Skrine should all be ahead of Crawford on the depth chart. Still, Crawford is not leaps and bounds behind Shelley and Vildor and will have a chance to compete this summer.

69. Eric Saubert, TE

Eric Saubert is on the long list of Chicago Bears tight ends, which may be on the outside of the roster looking in. Saubert has bounced around from Atlanta to New England and will now compete for time here.

He is on the outside looking in, but with Cole Kmet as a rookie, and Jimmy Graham on the older side, there is potential for him to find his way onto the roster. Saubert is also a small school tight end who may have needed a few stops t get going. Nonetheless, he is worth following.

68. Devante Bond, LB

Devante Bond spent the last three years in Tampa Bay before being let go late into the season. With the lack of depth the Bears have at inside linebacker, the Bears signed Bond late into the 2019 season. With the lack of depth they currently have there, why would they not bring him back?

Bond moves up the list due to his special team’s value and depth at the position. With a strong summer, he very easily could find himself as the fourth linebacker on the depth chart.

67. Tre Roberson, CB

Tre Roberson has been successful in the CFL. However, every year two or three players come to the NFL from the CFL, and aside from Cameron Wake, a long time ago, they all flame out. The Bears confidence in Roberson showed when the team went onto sign Artie Burns before drafting Jaylon Johnson and Kindle Vildor. He is not even one of the three biggest names they brought in at the position. He will struggle to make the roster.

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66. Ledarius Mack, EDGE

Some fans will claim this is too low and that the brother of Khalil Mack is a lock to make the team. Those are the fans who have not watched much of Mack. Plenty of NFL players have younger brothers. Plenty of NFL players have talented brothers. That does not mean that Ledarius is going to turn into an NFL hit. He did not have the same tape, and like most brothers of NFL players is unlikely to play with his brother in the NFL.

In reality, 66 is about as high as you can go on a raw. He started just one game at Buffalo and is undersized by all edge standards. However, as an edge/lb hybrid with special teams value, he could make the roster. It is what pushes Bond and Mack up.