Chicago Bears 2020 Roster Ranking: 65-61

Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

Who are the top 65 players on the 2020 Chicago Bears roster?

As we count down the days to the Chicago Bears 2020, we are also counting down the most valuable players on the roster. By value, we are listing the players in order of what type of contributions the team is relying on them for. If they lose this player from the depth chart, or his production, how much would it affect the team?

We have counted down from 90-66. Now we are going to slowly approach number 60 overall with 65-61.

65. Ben Braunecker, TE

This may be the year that Ben Braunecker does not make the roster. As you have read these articles, you may realize that every five players there seem to be a tight end. He has a competition. Beyond that, when the Bears needed him most last season, he came up flat and got injured. You can say that is partly not his fault, but at the end of the day, the significant investment in tight end this offseason shows that they do not want to be in the position to trust him again.

64. Josh Woods, LB

Josh Woods has a good chance to make the roster, although as we highlighted in the last post, Devante Bond is going to compete for him. He may provide special teams value, but if the depth chart weren’t so thin, he would likely be on the practice squad.

63. Dieter Eiselen, G

Dieter Eiselen is a 2020 UDFA from Yale. He does not have much football experience but played well in the Ivy League. It will certainly take Eiselen sometime to adjust to the NFL, but the Bears are looking for interior line help as soon as possible. When you break it all down, a higher-end UDFA is not far behind a seventh-round pick, so the two draft picks on the line should not feel much safer than Eiselen.

62. Sam Mustipher, C

Sam Mustipher is a second-year UDFA from Notre Dame. After spending a year with the team, he is ready to take a step forward. On one hand, Mustipher is the only backup center if James Daniels and Cody Whitehair stay in their spots. On the other, he signed with Chicago mainly due to his ties with OL coach Harry Hiestand. Now that he is gone, does that mean the Bears aren’t as confident in him?

Odds are against Riley Ridley. dark. Next

61. Corey Levin, OL

The Bears let Ted Larsen go, and in Corey Levin, they are essentially getting a cheaper version. Levin is an experienced veteran who has played guard and center. If needed he can play both, but relying on Levin would be like relying on Larsen last year, an expectation to be disappointed. With Mustipher, and Eiselen right on his tail and other depth names to come, the hope is that they do not rely on him in 2020.