Chicago Bears 2020 roster ranking: 38-37

Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

Who are the 38th and 37th most valuable players on the 2020 Chicago Bears roster?

We have been counting down to the season by counting down the Chicago Bears most valuable players heading into the 2020 season. This week, we are looking at the players ranked in the 30s.

This list is looking solely at their 2020 value heading into the season. It will be ranked on how important their success is to the Chicago Bears, and how much losing them would hurt.

38. Javon Wims

Last Year: 44

2018 rank: 46

Javon Wims may be one of the higher-rated players not to be a roster lock. However, the range of outcomes are vast for Wims. He could get cut, but could also find himself as the number three receiver in the same breathe. As we count down, there will be plenty of obstacles in his way, but last season Wims did get chances as the number three receiver, and that is more than the next player on our list can say.

37. Riley Ridley

Last Year: 34 

Riley Ridley or Javon Wims? Javon Wims or Ridley Ridley? There are cases to be made for both. Ridley is younger, was drafted higher, and is the unknown. Wims has outproduced Ridley at every step of their careers, even going back to college. Also, as noted, he started over Ridley late into the 2019 season.

The issue is that Wims did next to nothing with those snaps. We may not know if Ridley is any better than Wims, but we know that Wims is a depth receiver at best.

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The biggest roadblock for Ridley will be special teams. Wims started to gain steam on special teams in 2019, which helped him earn a role over Ridley. Ridley needs to show value in some form to move up any higher.