Chicago Bears Quarterback Battles: Mitch Trubisky versus Josh Allen

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Trubisky vs. Allen: Counting Stats

Time to look at each quarterback’s counting stats. These include touchdowns and interceptions. These are honestly the stats that truly matter in the end. To win games, teams must find a way to score. Turnovers are however how teams find themselves giving up points and losing. Just like in the comparison versus Darnold and Mayfield, Trubisky won the first two groupings, can he make it a hat trick?

Over the last two seasons, Allen has only thrown 30 touchdowns to Trubisky’s 41. When broken down per game, Mayfield averages 1.1 versus Trubisky at 1.4 touchdowns. Looking at the number of touchdowns from the ground, Trubisky falls very short. In the last two seasons, Trubisky has five touchdowns on the ground whereas Allen has 17. He is basically a running back at this point. When totaled (air and ground), Allen wins with a total of 47 to 46.

Now, for the interceptions. Trubisky has thrown 22 interceptions between 2018 and 2019. In that same span, Allen has only thrown 21. This means that Josh Allen actually wins the counting stats category, but barely. This is so close it is basically a tie as I cannot imagine Allen can maintain eight and nine touchdowns per season.

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Winner: Mitchell Trubisky
With two wins on major categories and a close loss in the third, Trubisky wins his third battle. How will things shake out against other quarterbacks in the league? We shall see.