Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace will lose the fan base with this mistake

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Ryan Pace will lose the Chicago Bears fan base if he fails to make this move

The Chicago Bears fan base is already somewhat divided in regards to Ryan Pace, but Pace will lose the entire fan base if he fails to work out an extension with Allen Robinson. Robinson was originally signed in 2018 to a three-year $42 million dollar contract with $25 million guaranteed.

He will be playing the 2020 season as the eighth highest-paid wide receiver at $15 million dollars. His contract is also 14th among wide receivers in average annual value (AAV) at $14 million dollars per season. He has proven to be better than even I imagined and not only deserves that contract but an even more lucrative contract in 2021. The problem is, Robinson is still not under contract, and reports from Robinson himself are that the Chicago Bears have not even been negotiating.

After two seasons in Matt Nagy’s offense, Robinson has proven himself to be very worthy. He has accumulated 153 catches for 1,901 yards and 11 touchdowns. His 2019 season was the second-best season of his career. He was able to haul in 98 catches (most of his career in a season) for 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns. His catch rate was the best of his career too at 63.6 percent. As someone who doubted his ability to be a true WR1, Robinson has proven me wrong.

We have seen some players signing massive contracts in the news lately. Patrick Mahomes signed a monster contract that could make him the highest-paid football player ever. I am not sure anyone will see a contract remotely close to what he received, but we shall see what the future (way in the future) brings. The Chiefs also signed defensive powerhouse Chris Jones to a massive deal for his position. On top of those signings, Derrick Henry signed a four-year deal too.

Seeing others sign contract extensions recently has many Bears fans scratching their heads and pleading for Ryan Pace to make an extension work with Allen Robinson. Robinson has proven himself and is only going to be 27 this season. He should be receiving a four-year deal from the Chicago Bears and if Pace cannot make that happen fans will start calling for his head.

Alright, I know some are already calling for his head, but I cannot picture any fan happy with him if he makes this mistake. Robinson is one of the most underrated receivers in the game. He was a top-10 receiver in 2019 and the offense was struggling. If it clicks this season he could be top-five. Beyond that, his off the field presence is phenomenal. He has done plenty for the community and continues to do so now.

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Should Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears not sign Allen Robinson to an extension, there will be a massive uproar by fans and analysts alike. We should note that Pace signed Cody Whitehair to his extension on September 1st last year, meaning there is still time. However, fans, and I am sure Robinson, are starting to get impatient. People think drafting Mitchell Trubisky will be Pace’s demise, but could it be not extending Robinson?