Chicago Bears: Why Allen Robinson has proven he deserves an extension

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson deserves an extension

Allen Robinson’s productivity reflected a solid, primary target within the offense. His 98 receptions show hope for several situations with a unit calling for a solution. In a 25th ranked passing attack, his number was called and he delivered throughout. Last season ended as his best since 2014 when he totaled 1400 receiving yards with 14 touchdowns in Jacksonville. Robinson signed with the Chicago Bears in 2018 on a three-year, $42million deal.

With his consistency coming back around after an injury suffered in 2017, the Chicago Bears needs to thoroughly consider an extension after his redemptive execution in Chicago. The risk of losing Allen Robinson and expecting another 1000+ yard receiver to appear can be a lot to ask for. Chicago’s best bet would be to set their number one slot in stone with a multi-year off to Robinson before the next free agency.

Robinson posted career-highs last season in first downs, receptions, and receptions per game. Quiet as kept, he takes care of the football and moves the chains. Robinson only fumbled twice in his career. Through six seasons, he’s averaging 13.4 yards per reception. He’ll be 27 years old when the season starts and moving forward its time to start being on the lookout for another pro bowl campaign (2015).