Chicago Bears: History of mediocre quarterbacks has a simple fix

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Chicago Bears, Josh McCown
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How the Bears can change their luck

It’s not easy to find a franchise quarterback in the National Football League. For me to criticize people who have built careers on scouting the best players to add to this team is obviously a dumb notion. But as a fan who has been watching this team since I could comprehend football, I am aware of one thing.

Chicago needs to find a good fit for this football team. The most talented guy won’t always work. The front office has worked hard at times to get the guy they want, but not the guy that plays well in their system.

In 2013, Josh McCown replaced Jay Cutler after an injury and completed 66.5% of his passes for 1,829 yards, 13 touchdowns, and just one interception. This was good enough to give him the highest season passer rating in Chicago Bears history. Then his contract expired and they just sort of let him go.

Yes, he was 33 years old, but he was a great fit for the Bears offense; the best fit I’ve seen in my lifetime. He would play in the NFL for six more years and would have kept fans happier than any guy in between then and now. McCown represents everything that Chicago has done wrong at the QB position. No, he probably wouldn’t have won a super bowl, but would he have maintained a more miserable fanbase than Cutler?

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This wasn’t Ryan Pace’s mistake, but if he wants to improve his situation, he should take some notes. Trubisky isn’t the guy; we’ve known that for a while. If he doesn’t have a strong season this year, it’s time to move on and look for that next guy.