Chicago Bears 2020 Roster Ranking: 16-15

Chicago Bears (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

Who are the 16th and 15th most valuable players on the Chicago Bears 2020 roster?

Slowly but surely we have counted down the Chicago Bears roster, and are finally making our way to the Sweet 16. These are the most impactful players that the Bears will have, and when we look back at the season, we will see that their success made or broke the team.

After going from 90 all the way down to the number 17 player, who are number 16 and 15 on our list?

16. Nick Foles

Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky combined should be higher on this list. However, they are both lowered because of each other. We just do not know what the Bears are going to do. On one hand, the Bears coaching staff is familiar with Nick Foles. On the other, Mitch Trubisky has experience and timing with players. He is running workouts with them, while Foles is missing valuable offseason workouts.

Beyond that, Nick Foles has never started 16 games in his entire NFL career. After ten years it is hard to say that this will surely be the first year that happens. The reality is that both quarterbacks may get a few starts. Both will have a huge say in how the roster goes. However, the 15 players above them are entrenched into roles, and those 15 need to be at their best to make life easier for Foles or Trubisky. Neither is in a position to carry the roster.

15. Tarik Cohen

Last Year: 17 

2018 Ranking: 15

When Tarik Cohen is going at his best, he is a game-breaking addition to the offense. As we saw in 2019, when defenses can key in on him, he is a gadget player who runs east-west too much.

The biggest issue for Cohen was losing Trey Burton, who took attention away over the middle of the field. In adding Jimmy Graham as well as other tight ends, the idea should be that Cohen can once again break defenses by slipping through the cracks.

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The reality is that if this offense wants to be at its peak, they need the versatility, the receiving skills, and the speed that Tarik Cohen can bring to the table.