Chicago Bears: 9 Players to cut from the roster before camp

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Isaiah Irving
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The Chicago Bears must cut the roster to 80 before camp starts

Well, normally teams like the Chicago Bears are able to hold onto 90 players at the start of camp, but COVID-19 has put a damper on the normal. This season, the team must eliminate nine players from the roster before padded practices even begin. This would be August 16, 2020 this season. The likelihood that any of these players will matter come the start of the season is slim, but not being able to have a chance to earn a spot has to be horrible.

The pandemic has been awful. Feeling sorry for millionaires and billionaires is difficult, but when it comes to sports, including the NFL, there are plenty of other people who are missing out on work too that do not make large sums of money. What about the parking attendant, hotdog vendor or announcer at the game? What about the marketing, social media employees, or business operations employees for each team? All of these employees rely on the leagues to play.

Not to mention, the guys at the end of the rosters do not make millions and some of these guys just need an opportunity to put their work on display to land on a 53-man final roster. This will not happen if they are cut prior to training camp. It does seem a recent loophole exists that would allow teams to remain at 90 players for now. Reports recently came out that teams cannot have more than 80 players in the facility at once, but could hold divided practices with fewer players.

Wonder if that would have stopped the Chicago Bears from releasing Ben Braunecker earlier this week. Meh, he was on my list of guys to cut anyway when this list was to be 10 players. Now that it is nine, let us take a look at guys who should be immediate cuts.