Chicago Bears: How to use Cordarrelle Patterson this season

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears need to use their gadget guy Cordarelle Patterson this way

When the Chicago Bears signed Cordarelle Patterson, they envisioned him joining an offense built for speed and big-play potential, as well as his returning duties. He had a solid year in the 2019-2020 season. He caught 11 passes for 83 yards, as well as rushing for 103 yards on 17 carries. He also brought back one kick for a touchdown against the Saints. These numbers seem like he is nothing more than a special teamer, but there are some hidden stats there.

He averaged a very respectable 6.1 yards per carry last season, more than any other Bears running back. He also averaged 7.5 yards per reception, which is above average. This also came on a small sample, as he was not a featured part of the offense. Sure, Patterson might not be an X or Y receiver, but he can provide a lot if used right.

Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears must run specific plays for Cordarelle Patterson

With a player who can turn any play into a huge gain, how should coach Nagy use him? We saw some end around handoffs and run-pass options to him, along with motion plays. These should be used more next season.

He could be used at running back as he is a big guy with good speed. He has a knack for making tacklers miss and does not fumble much. He is a receiver by trade, but using him as a third-down back could pay off huge for a team looking for some big plays to spark the offense.

Patterson has been known for his speed and elusiveness his whole career, so Coach Nagy should use him as a player to go downhill. They could implement some wildcat with Tarik Cohen and Patterson getting a direct snap and running a read option. The defense would have to choose to commit to one or the other, and there could be opportunities for a big play breakout.

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He might not be the main focus on offense, but given some more playing time, Patterson could be a real threat on offense, whether it is as a running back or a receiver. He needs some more plays that get the ball in his hands because he is a player that could be an X-factor for an offense in desperate need of big yardage plays.