Chicago Bears: Random thoughts on the quarterback compeition

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The Chicago Bears 2017 draft mistake.

I am not here to talk you into Mitch Trubisky. I, for one, can’t speak as I pouted when the Chicago Bears decided not to draft Deshaun Watson. I expected them to quickly make that draft selection since Mahomes was a bit risky even though I loved the eye-popping numbers Mahomes put up in college, but my draft team talked me into common sense. Seems they were wrong to do so.

As I said, he isn’t that good. However, he is a Chicago Bear, and I can see what Ryan Pace has seen in him. We can continue to pout and want to go back in time and draft Watson or Mahomes, but we can’t. That potential we had to win a Super Bowl with Watson is gone. We can however support the quarterbacks we have and remember that Foles has done something that Watson nor Mahomes have done.

The feat of throwing seven touchdowns in a single game is not the only thing Foles has going for him, but it puts him in some elite company. Only eight quarterbacks have thrown for seven touchdowns in a single game. He joins the first ever to do it in another Chicago Bears quarterback Sid Luckman. Other elite quarterbacks to reach this feat include Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.

Again, I understand that it comes down to luck, opportunity, and ability. The keyword in that sentence is ability. Ryan Pace messed up trying to trick teams into his draft mind by signing players like Mike Glennon and Jimmy Graham to hide his love for Mitch Trubisky and Cole Kmet. But what is done is done. Stats are relevant when talking about quarterbacks just as much as tape.

Speaking of tape, the tape on Mitch Trubisky is scary and encouraging at the same time. It wouldn’t be Chicago Bears football if it were easy. The upside for Trubisky is still there, at least enough for the Chicago Bears to win. The ultimate goal is to succeed in the NFL. This team can do that with a quarterback like Trubisky — even if he is