Chicago Bears: What we learned from quarterback press conferences

Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky meet virtually with Chicago Bears reporters

Notes on Nick Foles’ press conference

The Chicago Bears had their quarterbacks speak recently, and there was a lot more that we could take away from that then what we heard from the head coach and general manager. The rumors about Nick Foles opt-ing out can officially stop unless something odd happens over the weekend.

Foles brings a healthy breath of fresh air to the quarterback press conference when compared to Chase Daniel. Daniel sounded a lot like a head coach giving a press conference while Foles sounds like a player.

With his constant smile, Foles shared his thoughts on how happy he is to be in an offense he knows. While he didn’t give in to him being at a disadvantage, Foles spoke on how he tossed the ball around with some younger people around him and took as much as he could from the zoom conferences.

Foles shared how it’s not about beating out Mitch Trubisky and that it’s about getting better as a whole.  There were lots of talks about the quarterback competition that Nick Foles answered with, it doesn’t matter.

Nick Foles is a team player and is all about the team first. I couldn’t be happier with what I heard from him. The plan should be that either Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles will be the future of the Chicago Bears. Foles is 31 years old and could still have at very least five years of play left in him if not more.

Should the Chicago Bears need to move on from Mitch Trubisky, Foles could become the face of the franchise. Nick Foles knows what it’s like to be ready to come in a game and execute plays to win the game.

Chase Daniel did win some games for the Chicago Bears, but it felt weird seeing him out there. The attitude and enthusiasm Nick Foles has shown so far at his press conference fire’s me up. I hope it fires up the rest of the team and Mitch Trubisky just as much.

Notes on Mitch Trubisky’s press conference

Mitch Trubisky had a much softer approach at the podium, but he didn’t sound nervous or twitchy like he has in the past. Trubisky was more decisive with his words when he answered questions. I could have written an entire article on Trubiksy’s press conference alone, but he didn’t share much that you already don’t know. Trubisky knows that fans and media members have already written him off. He is ready and eager to prove them wrong.

Mitch Trubisky stayed at home due to the COVID-19 situation and worked on mechanics with a new offseason coach and training center to strengthen his shoulder and arms. What I found odd was that this was the first coach through his entire football career to change his mechanics. If you remember, when Trubisky was drafted, Pace and the coaching staff loved Trubisky’s mechanics but wanted to work on his footwork.

Trubisky wouldn’t get into great detail but did share that they adjusted his arm angles, footwork, and delivery to make more accurate throws. Trubisky already had enough arm strength to thrive at the NFL level and has thrown a football thru a tire swing at about 30 to 40 yards away. Only the coaches and Trubisky will know if everything worked out for him before we get to see what happens in week one of the NFL 2020 season.