Chicago Bears: Reasons why Mitchell Trubisky should start Week 1

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Trubisky finding consistent success is what’s best for the Chicago Bears future

I already hinted at this once, but it requires discussing things further. Under Matt Nagy’s tutelage, Trubisky finds himself with an impressive 20-12 record. He was chosen as a Pro Bowl alternate in 2018 and helped lead the Bears to an NFC North title. 2019 was nothing like 2018, but the offense as a whole took a step back. Was that solely on Trubisky, or was it a combination of multiple events?

Believe what you want to believe and blame who you want to blame, but the truth is, Trubisky succeeding and becoming a franchise quarterback is the best thing for this team and its future. Even if the team has to franchise tag Trubisky in 2021, seeing him become the face of the franchise due to a productive and consistent 2020 season is a better outcome than a solid performance and stopgap future for Foles.

Although only 31 years old, Foles would be nothing more than a two to a four-year starter. I want to see a successful quarterback under center for 10-plus years. This is why Trubisky needs an opportunity to lose the position to Foles rather than hope to see the field and earn it back in 2020. Starting Week 1 is important to determining if Trubisky can be that true franchise quarterback.

We have already gone into detail on Trubisky not being treated fairly throughout the league by pointing out the inconsistencies of the media thrashing him compared to others like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. Detractors need to put their bias aside and give the kid one last shot. I mean truly put your bias aside. Do not jump ship after one or two bad throws because every quarterback (even Patrick Mahomes) has them every game.

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Whether you believe in Trubisky or not, these two reasons alone are why he should be playing under center Week 1 versus the Lions. As I said, the only way this should not happen is if Foles is leaps and bounds better than Trubisky in camp and I just do not see that happening. I think it will be much closer than many detractors want to believe and they will be disappointed when Trubisky is under center on September 13, 2020.