Where does Vegas rank the Chicago Bears Super Bowl chances?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Timothy Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Timothy Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are not favorites, but what are their Super Bowl odds?

Every season the slate is supposed to be wiped clean. At 0-0, every NFL team has aspirations of hoisting up that Lombardi (should be Halas) Trophy in February. Unfortunately, not every team is equal and this leaves teams like the Detroit Lions and New York Giants out of the discussion as of late. What about the Chicago Bears though?

First of all, the Bears hardly get the recognition they deserve. Even during a 12-4 season with a historic defense, most national media members wrote off the Chicago Bears chances. Even if they were right, the disrespect is getting old. To shut them up, it would be nice to see the Bears walk away Super Bowl champs soon. That would finally put an end to the nonsense. Well, maybe.

Right now, according to the Action Network, the Chicago Bears are third in the NFC North in Super Bowl odds behind the Minnesota Vikings (25/1) and the Green Bay Packers (30/1). The Bears are currently sitting at 50/1 odds and are in the middle of the pack. This is fair based on the team’s 2019 outcome. When I look at this team, they are talented enough to be in every game. The team could find itself 12-4 once again but could easily be 7-9 too.

That said, I am not as high on the Vikings chances. The retooled defense is not anything to be scared about. Most of the defensive backs are new and not upgrades to what the team had in 2019. The Packers are still my favorite to win the division, but even they seem relatively mediocre. This division has plenty of parity and this is why I still like the Chicago Bears chances to win it this season.

What this means for the Chicago Bears in 2021 if Super Bowl odds hold true

Well, unfortunately, if the Super Bowl odds hold true, the team will find itself drafting 14th overall in 2021. This also means that neither quarterback played well enough in 2020 to come away with a winning season or the defense lost some important pieces and the depth could not step up enough to overcome adversity. This could also mean the end for Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace (although I think they get the final year of their contract).

We will imagine that Pace and Nagy stick around, but with the 14th overall pick, what will they do about the quarterback position? News broke recently that players within the Pac-12 are planning to opt out of the 2020 NCAA season if their demands are not met. The players took to “The Players Tribune”, where they made it clear #WeAreUnited. This goes beyond concerns surrounding the pandemic, players within the conference want systemic changes too.

Not only could this affect the 2020 NCAA season, but it could also affect the 2021 NFL Draft drastically too. Will teams be willing to take chances on players who only had one year of success? Will players lose eligibility? Will college athletes look to other options like the XFL if it returns in 2021? As you can see the questions are open-ended and somewhat endless. However, there are not many top college quarterbacks projected to be available that low in the first round.

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Trevor Lawrence is the clear favorite to go first overall. Justin Fields is likely to wind up within the first ten picks. Beyond those two, the Chicago Bears will not have many “cannot-miss” type quarterback prospects to consider. Mediocrity could be the worst thing for the Chicago Bears in 2020. We should hope for either great success or an implosion that gives them a chance at a top new signal-caller.