Ranking NFC North Rooms: Offensive Tackles

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /
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Where do the Chicago Bears offensive tackle group rank amongst the NFC North?

We have been breaking down the NFC North and deciding where the Chicago Bears stand at each position in regards to their rivals. When looking into where the Bears rank on the offensive line, we will split the offensive line into the interior, and tackles.

The offensive line is a tougher group to split up, but with so many linemen, it is easier to focus on just ranking the duos of tackles, as well as the depth behind them.

Where do the Chicago Bears tackle rank in comparison to the rest of the NFC North?

4. Chicago Bears

Charles Leno, Bobby Massie, Jason Spriggs, Alex Bars

There is a portion of the fan base that will be quick to remind you that the Bears are the fourth-ranked group of tackles in their division entering 2020. What is disappointing is that at this time last year, there was some hope at the position.

However, even the strongest Charles Leno supporters can admit that he took a big step back last season from his typical play. Massie suffering multiple injuries, and eventually being sidelined to finish the season did not help.

Massie is not 30, and there are questions as to whether he can back to his standard level of play. Leno still can improve his play, but even that cannot carry this group. Beyond that, Spriggs was an uninspiring signing. Bars is a UDFA, but his college coach, Harry Hiestand has fired this offseason, which brings to question how much push he has in the building. Overall, this group is pretty low in the league right now, let alone the division.