Chicago Bears: Over/under predictions for this season

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Predictions for the Chicago Bears 2020 season

The Chicago Bears are looking to get everything ready for the regular season, as there is no preseason this year due to COVID-19. The season is inching closer, and we still are guessing who is going to be the starting quarterback come week one. There are so many questions that can be answered, and there are so many predictions to make.

Over/Under: Mitchell Trubisky starts 12 games

About Right: I believe that Mitchell Trubisky is going to unlock something this year. This is the first year he is playing for a contract, and he knows its time to show what he can do. He does not have the security of a rookie deal next year.

With that said, I believe that 12 games seem reasonable because of his injury history and the fact that he is on a short leash. The coaches will not hesitate to put in Nick Foles if Mitch starts playing poorly. I still believe in Mitch, and I see him as the starter, especially with the no preseason and shortened camp.

Over/Under: Roquan Smith gets 130 tackles

Under: Roquan Smith is already one of the best young linebackers in the game. He seems set in stone to be in the middle of the Chicago Bears’ defense for years to come. He has had two great years so far and looks like he is ready for a career year.

I predict somewhere around 120 tackles for him, but I do believe he could get 130+ tackles. I am taking into account his injury history and he has had some minor off the field issues. It would not be a surprise if he were to miss some games. If he plays a full season, I fully expect him to prove me wrong. I am a huge fan of Smith and I am hoping for a big year.

Over/Under: Allen Robinson gets 1,100 yards receiving

Over: I believe Allen Robinson is a top ten receiver in the league. He is as underrated as they come, just for the fact that he is not the fastest or biggest player. He put up some insane numbers last season for a team that had a horrible offense.

Imagine what he can do with a somewhat better offense. He is bound to have better quarterback play, which should mean another huge year for him. I easily see him improving on the year he had last year, where he caught 98 passes for 1,147 yards.

Over/Under: David Montgomery gets 1,000 rushing yards

Over: David Montgomery has all the skills to be a great running back in this league. He had a good rookie year, where he flashed patience, elusiveness, power, and pass-catching. Hopefully, the Bears line performs better and gives Montgomery the chance to have some breakout runs.

I think that the Chicago Bears are going to perfect their running plays and use Montgomery more like a three-down back. With more field time and hopefully a better offensive line, Montgomery should easily surpass 1,000 yards in only his second season.

Over/Under: Kyle Fuller gets more than 4 interceptions

Under: Kyle Fuller has been the shutdown corner for the Bears the last few years. He has been that guy who faces the opponents’ number one receiver. The Chicago Bears know that they need some other guys at that position, so they drafted Jaylon Johnson.

I feel that teams are going to test the young corners on this team like Johnson, Artie Burns, and Kevin Toliver. This means that Fuller should not be as busy all game long as he has been in the last few years. Fuller does a great job of jumping routes and reading plays, but he still drops some easy picks. Also, on a team with a ball hawk like Eddie Jackson and some hungry young corners, I can see Fuller coming down with a few picks probably not more than four.

Over/Under: Khalil Mack gets 10+ sacks

Over, over, over: Khalil Mack is my lock for Defensive Player of the Year this season. I feel as if he is on a mission after his, “down season” last year. He still is the best edge rusher in my opinion, and the fact that he has more help to take up blocks means he should have an easier time getting to the passer.

He is motivated and is probably tired of being written off because he did not have the most sacks last year. He is hungry and he is ready to have a huge year, and I am all for it. Sure, I am a Bears fan, but I would say the same thing if I was not. Look out for Mack this year and I am predicting around 15 sacks for that man.

Over/Under: Chicago Bears win 8 games? 10+ games?

Over: I believe the Bears will most likely go 10-6 or 11-5 after looking at their schedule. They have a well-balanced team and have improved this offseason. Most of the teams in their division lost some huge stars such as the Vikings and Packers, which means division games will be a bit easier.

Also, the Bears have the same talent around for the most part that brought them to the playoffs just two years ago. I am willing to bet that the Chicago Bears come away with 10-plus wins and most likely a division win again.

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There are so many over/under predictions to be made, but these are the questions that I have been thinking about before the season starts, and I felt like these questions are popular among Bears fans. We never know about how this season will go down, especially with Coronavirus still a big factor. I see success for the Bears this season, although it is going to be tough to keep everyone healthy and hungry.