Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy’s first practice press conference

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears quarterback heavy press conference.

The Chicago Bears had a press conference with Matt Nagy that went off a little early due to scheduling situations. Before I go into detail, Matt Nagy said that he isn’t there yet on what is going to happen during the quarterback competition.

That wasn’t exactly what he said when talking about each quarterback, though. I almost wonder if Matt Nagy is biased currently and is trying to fight off his internal thoughts or if he doesn’t realize that he gives complements for one over the other.

The Chicago Bears media and head coach know that they have a good defense. Coach Nagy was asked how he can go about how he could use his defense to weed out the weaker quarterback. Some questions are more to help remind the coach that there are ways to go about finding his true starting quarterback in-house without preseason action.

To me, that was a wasted question, because if Matt Nagy doesn’t use his talented defense to put pressure on his quarterback competition, what coach did Ryan Pace hire?

This practice was the first practice that the entire offense was able to get on the field with each other and run routes. Nagy liked how the receivers were lining up correctly and running their routes successfully but are well aware this is just a crawl phase in practice.

The timing between both quarterbacks “looked good,” according to Matt Nagy. Nagy mentioned how Mitch Trubisky is still growing positively. With every answer about how Nick Foles, is getting his timing down, and placing the ball correctly, Nagy added in that Mitch Trubisky is doing the same.

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Matt Nagy was asked about how Trubisky’s offseason training has helped him so far in this competition, the answer was, it’s too soon to tell.  I don’t know if it is a reaction, but when Nagy is describing Foles, even as earlier as it is, Nagy has gone into detail on what Foles is doing that’s great. When asked about Trubisky, it’s just too soon. Either Nagy has his mind made up and wants to give Trubisky a shot, or he has noticed Foles a lot more than Trubisky.

Being it is day one, it really is too soon to tell.