Ranking 2020 NFC North Rooms: Cornerback

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Chicago Bears, Mike Davis
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2. Green Bay Packers

Jaire Alexander, Kevin King, Josh Jackson, Chandon Sullivan, Ka’Dar Hollman

Jaire Alexander vs Kyle Fuller is a legitimate conversation. Fuller has length and size on his side, but Alexander has a bit more spring in his burst, and he also will travel into the slot, while Fuller almost always plays sides.

That is a fair debate that could go on, but the depth of Green Bay is what pushes Green Bay to two, and could very well be the reason that Detroit should be number three.

Kevin King has just enough upside to get the nod, but for his highs, he has lows. Beyond that, the other three will have a straight-up competition in the slot. Jackson has not lived up to expectations and Sullivan may be coming for his spot as a starter.

In King and Alexander, we know what we have much more than Okudah and Trufant at the moment. That is what pushed them ahead.