Chicago Bears: What you need to know about Mason Fine

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Chicago Bears, Mason Fine
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Mason Fine’s reason for getting a chance.

The Chicago Bears area scout in that area must be pretty intuitive because the Bears have a few players from those schools on the team. They have also been rumored to have had an interest in a lot more from those schools as well.

The story of Mason Fine is a short one. Fine was short, so colleges did not send him any offers. But this is another kid who shattered records in high school. Fine was a two-time Oklahoma Gatorade player of the year. And we know how Oklahoma loves football. They obsess over these kids being the best athletes at a very young age.

Mason fine tossed for 166 touchdowns and over 13,000 yards in high school. That is insane. He also had a 4.5 40-yard dash in high school.  Mason Fine was a student-athlete in high school that maintained a 4.0 GPA. Did I mention he was fast? Just about every season, Fine would run for around 500 yards and almost double-digit touchdowns. You are probably asking, why is it important to know what he did in high school? Well, that’s a simple question to answer.

According to MaxPreps, a high school stat collecting site, Tua Tagovaila passed for around 5,500 yards in two years and 60 touchdowns. Tagoviloa was a four-star recruit even though if you doubled his last two season over to his first two years; he still wouldn’t have passed what Fine did in high school. Yet, Mason Fine was a two-star recruit. Maybe Drew Brees and Russell Wilson aren’t doing enough to get the respect for the little quarterbacks out there.