Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky among quarterbacks with most to prove

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Chicago Bears, Baker Mayfield
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Baker Mayfield – Browns

If you have been following Bear Goggles On, you know how I feel about Baker Mayfield. For some strange reason, the league gives him a pass compared to Mitchell Trubisky. I have already pointed out how he is not better than Trubisky at this point in their careers, yet Trubisky is seen as a doormat among most of the media.

Mayfield was unlucky enough to find himself playing for the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have not been a successful franchise. Mayfield has now found himself playing for three different head coaches and three different offensive coordinators despite this being only his third season in the NFL. Is this a sign of poor play from Mayfield? Not completely, but his performance has not helped.

After a mixed rookie season in 2018, Mayfield’s stronger back half of the season pointed towards potential success and higher expectations in 2019. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Unfortunately, Mayfield did not reach that potential. Instead, he regressed and threw nearly as many interceptions (21) as he did touchdowns (22). I am not sure why so many give Mayfield a pass for last year, yet throw Trubisky under the bus. Either way, Mayfield as something to prove.