Chicago Bears: 3 Free agents who deserve tryouts to replace Artie Burns

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Chicago Bears, Morris Claiborne
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Morris Claiborne could be another option for the Chicago Bears

Honestly, out of the three cornerbacks I am going to mention today, Morris Claiborne might be my favorite. Claiborne is not known as a turnover guy. He only has seven interceptions in his career. He is essentially good for one to two interceptions per season. That said, he is a solid coverage corner.

When we look at his advanced stats, Claiborne was targeted only seven times in Kansas City last year. These targets took place as he only started one game and saw only 18 percent of the defensive snaps. If we look at his 2018 season though, he started 15 games for the New York Jets. He saw 94 targets go in his direction but only allowed 52.1 percent to be completed.

Claiborne also only allowed four touchdowns that year while intercepting two passes. Quarterbacks saw an 82.0 quarterback rating when targeting Claiborne. He might not be the playmaker that Logan Ryan is, but he is a consistent pass defender and would fit in nicely until Jaylon Johnson works his way into the starting lineup.