Is Akiem Hicks injury concerning for Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks did not practice yesterday. Was it a serious injury or a veteran day off?

In a training camp where there are almost no news updates, we are going to cling to every single one. So, when news came out that Akiem Hicks sat out of practice, it at least had to get some attention. Of course, this could be a typical veteran day off, and if there is a player the Chicago Bears do not need to see much from, it is Akiem Hicks.

However, word came out that Hicks was sitting due to a quad issue. To be fair, Hicks missed all of his time last season due to an elbow issue. So, if the reason for missing was elbow related it would draw more red flags.

Still, Hicks is coming off of an injury-riddled season. He came back and re-injured himself at the end of the season. So, no matter what the injury it is not good to note that the last two times he was on a football field he got hurt, and it was not long into training camp that he was banged up.

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Hicks is going to be 31 and is now at the age where we have to watch and be concerned about any sort of knick or bump. A fall-off in the explosion would come sooner than expected. So, if this injury does linger on closer to week one, it should certainly draw attention for Bears fans.

For now, it is just a newsworthy item to keep in mind.