Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace deserves more respect by fans

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One big miss has forever tainted Ryan Pace’s career with the Chicago Bears

Now we find ourselves looking at 2017 — the year of draft blunders as most fans would say. Ryan Pace traded up one spot to take Mitchell Trubisky opposed to staying put at number three and drafting whichever quarterback fell. This mistake was a big one and honestly inexcusable. The thing is, the team has survived this move and who is to say the other two quarterbacks would have played as well or developed the same way had the Chicago Bears drafted them instead.

Patrick Mahomes is amazing. Deshaun Watson is very good too, although I am not sold on him being as good as some people believe. Seeing him without Deandre Hopkins this year will be the true test for Watson. Either way, both have looked better than Trubisky and Pace may have cost himself another contract extension. That said, the team is still better now than it was when Pace took over.

Pace also whiffed on Adam Shaheen in the second round but did hit big on Eddie Jackson and Tarik Cohen. The team fell flat on their faces that year and Pace was able to fire John Fox and bring in a guy he actually wanted to hire. Now enter the Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace era. Pace was given an extension that aligned with Nagy’s four-year contract and on paper, both are here with the Chicago Bears until 2021.