Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher under severe criticism

The Chicago Bears distance themselves from Brian Urlacher after Instagram post

The NBA chose to protest the Jacob Blake shooting by boycotting their games yesterday and today. MLB teams followed suit by refusing to play also. Then today, NFL teams sat out of practice in solidarity. The Chicago Bears were one of the teams who canceled practice today. Players used their social media accounts to talk about how they love the togetherness of the team and players. The team itself also issued a statement. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bears also had to distance themselves from former linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Urlacher decided to take to social media and blast the NBA for boycotting the playoffs while trying to compare the situation to Brett Favre‘s performance the day his dad died.

To make matters worse, Brian Urlacher then liked a post on Instagram supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old boy from Antioch, Illinois who was arrested for the intentional homicide of two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The protesters were in Kenosha standing up against the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Urlacher’s comments have many players, peers and fans very upset

These two social media situations have led to plenty of people, both in the industry and fans, to criticize his choices. After all, Brian Urlacher played with plenty of black athletes throughout his career. Matt Forte is just one of many who have come out and spoke up against Brian Urlacher’s comments.

Although free to think the way he does and also able to speak freely, one would think that Brian Urlacher would not come out saying things like this during a time when our country is going through some drastic differences — especially as fellow athletes are taking a stand not only individually, but league-wide.

The fact that Brian Urlacher spoke out against the NBA while also liking a photo demanding a murderer be set free with a phrase that directly contradicts the Black Lives Matter movement is not sitting well with many.

We try not to get political here at Bear Goggles On, but this is not sitting well with me either. My only suggestion is to try and separate the player from the man. This also shows how we should not idolize players beyond the sports they play. Otherwise, we might become very disappointed. All I can say is it will be interesting to see how this affects Brian Urlacher’s status and career covering the sport of football. Will he even be welcomed back to Halas Hall?