Chicago Bears: An open letter from a Mitch Trubisky stan

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

An open letter to the Chicago Bears anti-Trubisky fans from a Trubisky stan

Let me start off by explaining what a Mitch Trubisky stan is to those who have never heard this phrase. A stan is an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity. Well, Trubisky is not a celebrity, but in this case, a Trubisky stan is anyone who has stood behind him and continues to defend him to other Chicago Bears fans (and NFL fans) even if to a fault.

Here is the thing, although I try to remain unbiased in my writing and observations of this team, that is nearly impossible. We all have biases that tend to help form our opinions. This does not stop me from reporting on facts, but recently it was brought to my attention that Trubisky stans (or truthers) never seem to have a direct answer regarding Trubisky and his ability.

In this case, the direct question was why has Trubisky not pulled away from Nick Foles in the quarterback competition. Why is it that Foles is pulling away now instead and leading practices? Before I get into the real answer, I am going to make a few notes that help justify these facts.

Trubisky was leading the way after the first week of practice. However, after the last two practices, Foles has pulled ahead. Trubisky’s Tuesday practice was not one to be desired. He struggled mightily with accuracy issues. This is something anti-Trubisky fans like to bring up often — his accuracy issues. The funny thing is, Trubisky is a fairly accurate quarterback. His statistics point to this alone and I will not dive into them again.

Wednesday, Foles was able to pull away even more though as he shined with the starters in 11-on-11 drills. These drills included special situations and a two-minute drill. Trubisky went through a similar practice, but he only played with the backups.

One could point to the offensive line struggling, but Foles was sacked four times and Trubisky was sacked six times. I am curious how much pressure was in Trubisky’s face though as the second-string linemen seemed to really struggle.

The answer to the question about Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky

Alright, now to directly answer the question at hand. Why has Trubisky not pulled ahead of Foles at this point and run away with the competition? The answer is simple. Both of these quarterbacks are average quarterbacks. When it comes to Trubisky stans, none of us believe he is as good as Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes. What we do believe is that he has shown the athleticism and talent to be as good as Watson. He will never be Mahomes — not many ever will.

The problem with Trubisky has always been a lack of consistency. The hope has always been that he would find that consistency with more experience. As of now, it is not looking good, but it should also be pointed out that Trubisky has been the more aggressive quarterback in this competition whereas Foles has been more the dink-and-dunk guy. This is important as Trubisky has been throwing more difficult throws throughout practice.

I think what really gets us Trubisky stans riled up the most is how Trubisky is treated not only in the national media but also by Chicago Bears fans. When it comes to Trubisky, it seems not many believe in him outside of his own teammates. That by the way should tell you something. He has always had the support of his teammates and this includes Allen Robinson who never seemed to be a fan of Blake Bortles — a quarterback Trubisky is always unfairly compared to by the way.

Speaking of comparisons, Trubisky seems to take more heat than Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and now even Gardner Minshew. The funny thing is, Trubisky has been as good if not better than all four of them while playing in Nagy’s system. Maybe stop with he ridiculous comments about Trubisky while being okay with this tier of other quarterbacks. Then maybe us Trubisky stans would simmer down a bit.

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I will leave you with this. As a Trubisky stan, I wish nothing but the best for him. However, if the team decides that Foles is the better option I will not be calling for Trubisky after every bad throw by Foles. I will be out there making comments if Foles has multiple bad games though. If Trubisky wins practice today and pulls the competition back to the middle, I expect him to start the season. I would love nothing more than to see him shut up all of his detractors and anti-Trubisky fans.