Chicago Bears: Ranking Ryan Pace’s first-round draft picks

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Chicago Bearas, Kevin White
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3. Kevin White

When a guy who was drafted 7th overall has under 300 receiving yards and zero touchdowns after four years in the league, he should probably be the biggest bust that a team has drafted in a long time. Unfortunately for Chicago, he’ll be taking the position of second-worst draft pick by Ryan Pace.

In Pace’s defense, Kevin White’s career was mostly derailed because of injuries, but when you take a closer look, this was still a questionable pick. White had serious injury problems that you can track all the way back to 2011 when he missed the first two seasons of his football career at a two-year college. When he eventually got healthy and stepped on the field, he impressed everybody. After all, talent was never the issue.

He balled out at West Virginia, but only played one full season of college football in his career. That’s all Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears front office had to work with. Want to look back at his high school highlights? He received zero D1 offers, which is why he ended up at the aforementioned two-year college.

After being drafted by Chicago, White would suffer from a season-ending shin injury, causing him to miss out on his entire rookie year. The next season, he’d play in four games with limited production before injuring the very same leg. The season after that, he’d injure his shoulder in the season-opener and miss that entire year. It’s a sad story, but a tale of how hard it can be to keep your job in a physical league.