Chicago Bears: Reasons why Leonard Fournette will not be coming to Chicago

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Leonard Fournette will cost too much for the Chicago Bears to consider him

The reason I doubt the Chicago Bears make a claim for Leonard Fournette is that Ryan Pace will consider the price tag too much. We all know Pace is not afraid to make a trade for a player, especially if that trade only involves future draft picks. Fournette could have been had for a sixth-rounder. Why wouldn’t have Pace just sent that instead of risking the waiver-wire process and not even getting a chance to land Fournette in the first place? The answer is the cost.

Fournette has a lot of tread on his tires. In college, Fournette had 657 touches in three years with LSU. Now that he’s in the NFL, he has added another 800 touches for the Jaguars. That is nearly 1,500 touches and Fournette is not even 26 years-old yet.

Now factor in his contract and you are looking to pay just shy of $4.2 million dollars to a running back who has plenty of wear and tear. Personally, I think it would be worth it for this team this year and you let Fournette walk in 2021, but based on how Ryan Pace has addressed the position thus far this season, I just do not see him taking on this type of investment. As a fan, I hate it because Fournette can be dangerous. As someone who understands it’s an overpay I respect it.

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Final Thoughts:

Should Fournette clear waivers somehow, Ryan Pace should be on the phone immediately calling Fournette’s agent. If they can get him to agree to sign a one-year, prove-it deal for $3 million or less, I would be all over it. The team has enough cap space this year to cover it and still roll over some into the mysterious 2021 season.