Chicago Bears: 3 Free agents still available the Bears should consider

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Chicago Bears, Trumaine Johnson

Chicago Bears (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Three free agents available and why the Chicago Bears should look at them.

With the odd offseason that has happened thus far, there are more good free agents still available to sign than usual. The restrictions on bringing players in allowed for many players to not find jobs. This allowed players like Jadeveon Clowney, Logan Ryan, Damon Harrison, and many more to slip through the cracks and not find a team. This could be good news for the Chicago Bears.

With the Chicago Bears 8-8 season last year, they retooled to make a playoff run, but can they? Adding some free agents to at least put pressure on players who struggled could help the team a lot. Competition can bring the best out of players who took a step back last season like Charles Leno, Bobby Massie, and more.

The Bears already brought in competition for some of those positions like tight end, offensive tackle, cornerback, safety, and quarterback. On the other hand, some positions didn’t get much competition and could use some better depth or even starters.

This isn’t to say that every guy available is an automatic starter and all-star. Each player on this list has a reason for being available whether it is health concerns, contract issues, or off-the-field issues, but it can’t hurt to bring in one of these guys for at least a tryout. Maybe a change of scenery can open up their potential and help them.

Here are three players the Bears should at least look at.

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