Chicago Bears: This offensive player is being overlooked

Is this offensive player not getting the recognition he deserves?

We are hearing it over and over again how well the Chicago Bears tight end group is doing in camp. Mostly, we are hearing about Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet. However, is Demetrius Harris being overlooked as a key addition to this Bears offense?

We all know how important the tight end position is to Matt Nagy’s offense. Look at the issues this team had last season when not a single tight end gained more than 100 yards. Ryan Pace and Nagy went out and revamped the tight end room. Trey Burton is no longer on the team and Jimmy Graham was brought in to replace him. At first, most fans hated the idea of Pace bringing in Graham, however, after early reports, some are warming up to the addition.

Pace did not stop there though. He also went out and drafted arguably the top tight end prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft. Cole Kmet has already been turning heads in camp too. He’s had a few drops here and there, but the rookie sounds like he is coming along nicely in his development and understanding of Nagy’s offense.

I am excited for both Graham and Kmet, but it seems Harris is being overlooked by many. He might not be the guy who lights up the highlight reels, but he brings something to this team that is key to the success of 2020.

What does Demetrius Harris bring to the table for the Chicago Bears?

The simple answer as to what Harris brings to the table that will be key to this team is his experience. Harris has been in this offense before while in Kansas City. Although his numbers did not jump off the stat sheet, he also played behind one of the best tight ends in the NFL. When behind a player like Kelce, your numbers will not look as impressive.

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Harris was also not technically behind Kelce on the depth chart just as he is not behind Jimmy Graham on the Bears depth chart. He is more of an in-line blocker or “Y” tight end. He will not only be able to help out the offensive line by blocking in two tight end sets, but he also will be able to help bring Cole Kmet along faster.

Sometimes, it is the unsung heroes that we do not see that truly help bring greatness to a team. This is what the hope will be for Harris this season.