Chicago Bears: NFL news that could affect Allen Robinson’s extension

How Keenan Allen’s new contract affects the Chicago Bears and Allen Robinson

Everybody knows that the Chicago Bears should lock up Allen Robinson. He has been the best receiver the Bears have seen since Alshon Jeffrey and is most likely going to be even better. With that said, what would an extension look like for Robinson? Most predictions have been around $16 million AAV, but that might change now.

Los Angeles Chargers star receiver Keenan Allen signed a contract extension on Saturday worth $80 million over 4 years, with $50 million in guaranteed money. This makes him the second-highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL, only behind Julio Jones. So what does this mean for the Bears and Allen Robinson?

It can be argued that Allen Robinson is just as good as Keenan Allen is. Both have put up great numbers consistently, while Keenan has had a bit better play by his quarterback. Most likely, Keenan’s new contract will be super close to Allen Robinson’s extension.

The Chicago Bears need to make this happen soon or the price will keep going up

I would guess the Bears would do between $19-20 million per year. Robinson easily deserves this money. The Bears would be paying him like a top-three wide receiver, but for the Bears, they have to. He is the only true number one receiver on this team, and he deserves to be paid. The Bears have little cap space left, but it should be used for Allen Robinson.

The Bears should pay Allen Robinson, period. It looked like an extension would be about $16-17 million AAV, but now it is looking like it could be anywhere from $19-21 million. They better pay him before Deandre Hopkins gets an extension, which easily could be almost $25 million per year.

Allen Robinson is in my opinion a top-ten receiver and is going to be paid like one. Hopefully, it is the Bears paying him that money, and hopefully, it is very soon. We cannot afford to let a talent like Robinson hit the open market.