Chicago Bears Week 1 snap counts show WR rotation

Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

After Allen Robinson the Chicago Bears had a heavy rotation at wide receiver

Every Chicago Bears fan knew that Allen Robinson is their number one wide receiver. However, from there, the question was who could Mitch Trubisky rely on beyond Robinson. Anthony Miller has the most promise, but has been up and down, Ted Ginn was just signed, and Darnell Mooney, Javon Wims, and Riley Ridley are all young and inexperienced.

On Sunday, we got our first glimpse into how the Bears will distribute those snaps. Some were a bit of a surprise

Ted Ginn 28 

Anthony Miller 27 

Javon Wims 23 

Darnell Mooney 21 

Allen Robinson played 53 snaps, so the four essentially split the snaps for the other two wide receiver snaps.

The surprises come from Miller playing that little, but also Wims and Mooney playing that often. That is unfortunate for Miller that he is not established as the number receiver quite yet. However, after a great performance on Sunday, the thought is that he should see more snaps next week.

On the other end, Mooney and Ginn combined for 49 snaps in what appears to be a similar role. Ginn is the veteran and saw more snaps, but Mooney cutting into Ginn this early into the season is a sign of things to come. Mooney out produced Ginn on less snaps as well.

Lastly, we see Wims who showed up in the red zone on Sunday. He saw more snaps than expected, and seems to have earned his role as a red zone, fourth receiver with special teams prowess.

Next. Odds are against Riley Ridley. dark

One thing we wrote over the summer was that Wims had a huge edge over Riley Ridley due to special teams. That came to fruition with Ridley being inactive on Sunday. With Wims playing well, it is likely Ridley will be inactive most of the season, or for the foreseeable future at least.