Chicago Bears Danny Trevathan struggles in first game with new contract

The Chicago Bears made a big decision to pay Danny Trevathan this offseason. Hopefully it doesn’t bite them

When the Chicago Bears extended Danny Trevathan, there were two ways to look at it. On one hand, Trevathan is the heart of the team. He is a strong tackler, a vocal leader, and an influence on Roquan Smith. Beyond that, his play did not fall off quite yet.

On the other hand, he is injured often. Trevathan has missed time in three of his four seasons in Chicago, and came to Chicago with injury baggage as well. Trevathan is now over the age of 30, and with a history of injuries, there is a good chance that the cliff is coming.

The Bears have been good about letting injured players walk, so when the Bears re-signed Trevathan, the idea was that they knew he had gas in the tank.

We will not let one week summarize an entire season, but after one game Trevathan did not look like he was ready for the speed of the NFL.

Trevathan looked slow. He turned slow, ran slow, and even processed slow, which may be the worst part. T.J. Hockenson, a second year tight end blazed by him throughout the day. Trevathan missed an easy tackle on Marvin Jones that led to yards after the catch. This was a poor angle.

Beyond that, the Chicago Bears almost lost solely because of him. DeAndre Swift dropped a wide open touchdown to win the game after he ran by, you guessed it, Danny Trevathan.

Everyone is going to react to no offseason or fans differently. Some players may need a week or two. The Bears extended Trevathan for three more years, so he is clearly going to get a few more weeks to prove himself.

Still, if there is anything to be afraid of after week one, it is the play of Trevathan.