Jaylon Johnson shines in Chicago Bears debut

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

Jaylon Johnson made his first start with the Chicago Bears and looked great

There was never a question about Jaylon Johnson on the field. We have been hyping Johnson since well before the draft, and knew that the top 50 pick could get on the field early. However, when a nagging shoulder injury sidelined him through the first couple of weeks of training camp, it was questionable whether or not Johnson would be ready for Week One.

After being rushed into the lineup in camp, the Bears decided to give Johnson the chance, and he took the job and ran with it.

It was not always pretty, and Marvin Jones did a nice job of welcoming Jaylon Johnson to the NFL. However, beyond that, Johnson played a very clean game.

He made multiple big plays down the field, as well. He broke  a pass up early in the game, but with the game on the line, Johnson was all over his man. Eddie Jackson was there as well, but you can see that a punch from Johnson knocked the ball up and gave Kyle Fuller an interception that led to the game winning drive.

Lastly, we saw Johnson tested on the last play of the game. A jump ball with the rookie defending Marvin Jones. Johnson got his revenge for the hit Jones laid on him as he knocked the ball out of Jones hands and secured a win for the Chicago Bears.

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We knew Johnson would be picked on, but the results were better than expected. Johnson locked in his starting job for not only the rest of 2020, but likely for the next four years in Chicago. This promising start has to have Bears fans excited for his future.