Chicago Bears: Breakdown of Mitch Trubisky’s fourth-quarter comeback

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The Chicago Bears did something only four other teams have done

After the Chicago Bears made another stop though, Trubisky was back on the field in control. Early in the drive with great protection from the offensive line, Trubisky had the chance to go through all his reads before throwing to a now-open Anthony Miller. He hit Miller again on the next play with a throw towards the sideline. What Mitch Trubisky excelled at all fourth quarter was hitting receivers in motion and leading them away from trailing defensive backs.

He found Graham on the same drive while rolling to his right, again taking advantage of the man-to-man matchup that his tight end had. Mitch rolled to his left on the next play and hit Javon Wims in the back corner of the end zone for his second touchdown. It was a perfect throw into a small window, all while moving to his left side which puts a right-handed thrower in an awkward position to make an accurate throw.

The Mitch Trubisky magic did not stop there. On the ensuing drive, down three points, the Chicago offense did not settle for the tying field goal. Setup with great field position off the Fuller interception, Mitch Trubisky gave the Chicago Bears the lead with a beautiful sideline pass to Miller.

The 27-yard touchdown featured a great grab by Miller – make no mistake about it – but the ball from Trubisky was textbook. He threw just high enough over the cornerback while giving Miller the chance to catch it inbounds. Mitch Trubisky stepped confidently into the throw and beat strong coverage by the defender.

Trubisky missed on a similar play earlier in the quarter, throwing the ball too low for Allen Robinson to have a chance at catching. He did not make the same mistake here. Mitch Trubisky was fantastic throwing outside the numbers all fourth quarter, in fact, something he has struggled with at times in career – especially on the left side of the field.

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There is a reason the Chicago Bears were in a steep hole to begin the fourth quarter, but Mitch Trubisky showed something with his performance late at Ford Field. He led the Chicago offense confidently under pressure. Mitch Trubisky certainly has a lot of good plays to build on. For Bears fans, let’s just hope this version of Trubisky shows up earlier this weekend against the Giants.