Chicago Bears: Mid week press conferences of Matt Nagy, Allen Robinson and Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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The Chicago Bears quarterback has some words.

Mitch Trubisky was very vague when asked about what he thought of when he got to watch the tape. Trubisky stated the obvious that they need to start faster and convert on third down. The shotgun styled offense might become a thing of the past.

Trubisky stated how he had worked a lot this offseason on going through the motions to get comfortable with working from under center. Mitch Trubisky stated how he loves and wants more Allen Robinson in the future. This week the Chicago Bears plan to work on converting third downs.

What I like about Trubisky being under center is I hope it helps with him thinking less per play buy just falling into his steps. In shotgun, quarterbacks typically take the snap and a few steps while scanning the field. That is a lot more time for Trubisky to think instead of reacting.

Trubisky brought up how he felt better with some of his throws—dropping some passes instead of just gripping and ripping a fastball in. I was just in discussion with a coworker on how you can tell the different comfort levels for quarterbacks.

When you see Ben Roethlisberger almost short arm, a pass with no heat behind it is so beautiful to watch. When Mitch Trubisky starts doing that like he could have done a few times against the Detriot Lions, then he will be ready. Trubisky is starting to get better at not just ripping a fastball to his receivers.

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He is getting better (still not great) at maneuvering in the pocket instead of just running downfield. I know it has been a long wait for Bear fans to see this kid become consistent. But again, he now knows what a hard count is, takes snaps from under center, and its starting to go through progressions.