Mitch Trubisky is the right quarterback for the Bears

Mitch Trubisky is proving to be the right choice

I love a good underdog story and Mitch Trubisky is the perfect underdog story. For the first three quarters on Sunday, the entire twitter world wrote Trubisky off (myself included). You can’t blame anyone because the way he played was very reminiscent of the problems that have plagued his entire NFL career.

There were overthrown footballs, mechanics that weren’t there, and a fumble that was unnecessary. Bears fans were left shaking their heads on why he was chosen over Nick Foles.

The offensive line played well on Sunday and showed us that if they play the way did then Trubisky should have no problem with hitting open receivers. Throughout the game, Mitch Trubisky showed us what type of quarterback he can be with playmakers around him.

The catch that Allen Robinson made was incredible and Ryan Pace should have been waiting for him on the sideline with a contract in hand. However, what irks most Bears fans is that there is such a disconnect from the Mitch Trubisky in the first three quarters to the way he was with the game on the line.

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We need to see Trubisky show some consistency which has been a problem his entire career. I’m not even sure Trubisky can be fully to blame. There were some very questionable calls made by Matt Nagy and his coaching staff on Sunday. However, there is another Bears quarterback who wasn’t consistent and almost drove the Bears to the Super Bowl. Just maybe, an unconventional QB could be a good thing for this Bears team.

Have the Chicago Bears ever had an elite quarterback?

Have the Bears ever won anything with an elite quarterback? Jim McMahon was far from great, but he led the 1985 Chicago Bears to a Lombardi trophy. Jay Cutler was never a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but he almost led the Bears to the Super Bowl.

Heck, Rex Grossman did lead the Bears to the Super Bowl but had to compete against a red-hot Manning. Grant it, those teams had terrific defenses, however, the same thought process remains the same. You don’t have to be elite to compete.

Will we see Foles start at some point this season? Only time will tell, but for right now we all need to ride the Trubisky bandwagon as far as it takes us. We need to stop comparing Trubisky to Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson even though Mitch Trubisky’s stats on Sunday were much better.

As Bears fans, we are always hoping that we have the next Lamar Jackson but we never had that type of quarterback, and Bears’ history has proved that sometimes not having the most conventional, superstar type quarterback can be a good thing.