Chicago Bears: These inconsistencies continue to haunt the team

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Inconsistency seems to be the Chicago Bears motto this football season.

We’ve seen glimpses of how good this football team can be but we also have seen glimpses of how bad this football team can be. The Chicago Bears need to find a way to play a complete game or their luck will eventually run out. Good football teams will find ways to exploit the Bears inconsistencies.

The old adage is a win, is a win. This is especially true in the NFL where a win is extremely hard to come by. What makes me worried though is when the Bears start playing teams like the Packers, Saints, or even the Rams. They will need to play a complete game to compete with those teams.

You just can’t play good enough because those teams will run up the score and you will not be able to catch up. With that said, the Bears are 2-0 and are showing us that they can be a really good football team if they can work on fixing some holes on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

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Where are the inconsistencies the Chicago Bears are dealing with coming from?

Mitch Trubisky looked really good during the first half of the Bears game on Sunday. He was making good decisions and allowing his playmakers to make plays. However, when we hit the third quarter we saw some of the problems that have plagued Trubisky’s career come to the forefront.

You really can’t blame him for some of those problems because it looked like some of those interceptions could’ve been avoided if the receivers would’ve made plays, but a turnover is a turnover.

David Montgomery played one heck of a football game. With help of his offensive line, he was able to rack up major yards and even score a touchdown on a pass from Trubisky. That was very exciting to watch and a really good sign that Coach Matt Nagy is dedicated to implementing the run game this season. While Nagy coached a good game for the most part there were some flaws that need to be corrected.

Unfortunately during Nagy’s tenure with the Bears, we have experienced up and down coaching. His team looks great one half but horrible the next. One issue that keeps rearing its ugly head is the play calling. When something is working Nagy usually doesn’t stick with it. Also, some of the plays that were called on third and short were very questionable.

The Chicago Bears defense was very exciting to watch on Sunday

The Bears defense was very exciting to watch on Sunday in the first half. Robert Quinn made his presence known as he caused the strip-sack fumble early on. They forced turnovers and we’re really dominant up front. However, the New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett found some holes in the second half. To the defense’s credit though they were able to hold on through the adversity and play strong when the game was on the line.

The Bears can be a great football team but they just need to work on fixing some issues and becoming a complete team. You can tell during these last two games that they have found an identity on both the offense and defense.

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If Nagy can’t clean up some of his questionable playcalling and his defense and offense can play a complete throughout the game we just might have a football team that can go places. Right now, the Vikings and Lions are not very good and your Bears are in first place with the Packers. Let’s look at the bright side and have faith that they will fix these problems. Also, let’s have defibrillators on standby because this is going to be one heck of a season.