Chicago Bears: Did the national NFL power rankings finally do right by Bears?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, CBS
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Chicago Bears CBS ranking – 18

Well, CBS did not move the Chicago Bears up enough in my opinion either. The Bears were 20th after Week 1 and are now up two spots to 18. The NFL site only moved the Chicago Bears up two spots after beating the Giants in Week 2. The writer makes a backhanded compliment about Mitch Trubisky in his award of the move from 20th to 18th.

As I discussed with regards to ESPN’s ranking of the 49ers, CBS takes into account the major injuries the team has now suffered. CBS does right by its rankings when they moved the 49ers down seven spots to 16th. This gives me hope that these rankings are more accurate, but then I see the Browns only one spot lower than the Bears at 20th and I have doubts again.

In all of these rankings, I find the New England Patriots too high. The team held its own versus the Seahawks so I give them some credit, but the defense has not looked good and I do not expect Cam Newton to hold up with what looks to be a mediocre offense. Honestly, I think the Bears are a better team overall, but the Patriots are ranked 12th by CBS.

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The Packers are still second overall. I get the offense has looked good, but an injury to Davante Adams and the defense not looking great for four quarters should not be above the Ravens. I know it’s only one spot and I am biased, but until the Ravens are above the Packers I refuse to accept these rankings.