Chicago Bears Rumors: 10 Teams that should try to trade for Allen Robinson

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

These 10 teams should be hounding the Chicago Bears to trade Allen Robinson

The longer it takes for Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears to extend Allen Robinson, the more likely a trade could happen. I understand that the Bears and Pace have made it known they are not going to trade Robinson, but many teams come out and say these things yet still trade the player anyway. I thought that a deal was going to get done earlier this week, but instead, all we saw was a Tarik Cohen extension. Cohen deserved his new contract, but Robinson needs a new one too.

Allen Robinson has not been very positive in his press conferences about a deal being finalized. He keeps dodging the question by answering politically. His response is always along the lines of he is not going to discuss it and his focus is on the next opponent (Falcons). The way this seems to be unraveling through the media and on social media, the Chicago Bears cannot afford to allow negotiations to continue to linger.

Whether the Bears are serious about not wanting to trade Allen Robinson or not, that should not stop any team from calling Pace and asking. It should not stop teams from offering a trade too or at least try to find out what the price for Robinson actually would be. Although I love Robinson, almost every player in the NFL is tradeable for the right price. The thing is, not many teams are willing to pay the price that the other team is willing to accept.

With this whole process in mind, here are 10 teams (in no particular order) that should be on the phone with Ryan Pace consistently until the Bears either make a trade or Robinson signs an extension.