Chicago Bears: Mitch Trubisky’s career in Chicago is over

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Mitch Trubisky’s career will come to an end after a 2-0 start with Chicago Bears

Well, it only took two games. Two games with a 2-0 start and a better first half than bad for Mitch Trubisky versus the Falcons, but his career is now over with the Chicago Bears. Was it the right decision? As I write this, the game is still 10-26. Nick Foles looked okay on his first drive and hit some solid throws, while also throwing some ugly ones.

He threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Allen Robinson on the drive, but Robinson once again could not come down with the ball — interception and touchback. Going back to the first half, Trubisky was not perfect. He could not connect on the deep ball, but his passes were not off the mark. If anything, the receivers were not finding separation against second and third-string defensive backs. Why is that?

Was it Trubisky’s fault that the offensive line kept allowing the interior of the Falcons’ defensive line into the backfield as the running back was taking handoffs? I called it on Twitter and I will continue to call it until Nick Foles proves to me he’s worth the switch. Right now, I’m not seeing anything that makes me think Matt Nagy did anything but overreact to what might have been one of Trubisky’s worst interceptions of his career.

While watching this game, the defense was by far worse than the offense. The linebackers could not get off blocks, two roughing the passer calls that could not have been helped by the defender led to two impending touchdown drives. The Chicago Bears had won the time of possession in the first half too, so the whole, the defense was tired because the offense stinks argument cannot be made. The opening drive in the third quarter cannot be that same excuse either.

Here’s the thing, whether I agree with it or not, Nagy made the call and this will now be the end of Mitch Trubisky’s career in Chicago. I hope he lands with a team where he can sit for a year and take over after. How about in Tampa Bay while learning from Tom Brady? Maybe he goes to New Orleans if Jameis Winston does not re-sign in 2021? There are a few places I could see him succeeding and honestly, I hope he does.

Here is to hope I am wrong about Nick Foles

It is no secret I am a Trubisky stan, but I am a Bears fan first. I hope Nick Foles proves me wrong. I hope he can succeed with Matt Nagy and we are still talking playoffs in a few months. This is what I find to be different than most fans who wanted Trubisky to fail. Chalking this benching up as success is what sets this fanbase back. It is okay to demand better, but actively rooting against your team never makes sense to me. The team was not 0-2 or 1-1. The team was 2-0.

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As I stop writing, Nick Foles threw a great deep ball to Darnell Mooney that he could not hold onto. As of now, Foles’ deep ball looks better than Trubisky’s. Let us hope he can find consistency everywhere else. I will gladly eat crow if he can be consistently good in Chicago as opposed to inconsistently good (kind of like Trubisky) everywhere else he has played throughout his career.