Chicago Bears: Myths about the Mitch Trubisky, Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace triangle

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“Nagy purposely kept him (Trubisky) in a short play safe plan. Maybe no trust. Maybe he wasn’t willing to let Mitch have an opportunity to move more with the ball like year one.”

So this seems to be a question that a lot of Trubiksy supporters have been saying. Matt Nagy is not going to sabotage his game plan to show that another quarterback should be starting. During the Falcons game, the commentators shared how Trubisky is very good at throwing in-breaking routes. If they can see that, coach Nagy can see that.

As a play-caller, the coach needs to call as many plays that he can that allow the offense to run efficiently. The problem is that Trubisky is still inconsistent with those types of passes as well. His deep ball accuracy is comparable to Tim Tebow (who is out of the league).

To thrive, the quarterback needs to hit those deep throws when they are open. While I think Trubisky’s offseason work has helped him with some of his accuracies, it was never going to be a quick fix. It took three years for Aaron Rodgers to fix his mechanical issues.

As much as I want to talk about the future Hall-of-Famer fixing his flaws, I will pass. To answer when Trubisky is allowed to use his feet, he plays better. Matt Nagy has already called numerous RPO’s and read options for Trubisky this season. Trubisky even had a very long run that could have turned into a touchdown during the Falcons game.

You can see on that run that it is all on Mitch to not run. The kid wants to be great, and maybe that is his downfall. If Trubisky made decisions faster, he would thrive. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to do that.